FCP Episode 21: Chronicle, Found Footage Films, Film Confession


On this week’s episode Joe Zabel, Jason Tucker and Joe Agee get together to review the box office hit Chronicle. We also take some time to discuss the found-footage sub-genre and the many, many films it’s spawned of late. Be sure to tune in to the very end, as Jason Tucker’s Film Confession kicks off a passionate, fascinating discussion!

chronicle-posterFCP Episode 21: Chronicle, Found Footage Films, Film Confession

Episode Agenda (total running time 1:06:36):

  • 0:00 - Introductions
  • 8:59 - Review: Chronicle
  • 28:17 - Discussion: Found Footage Films
  • 48:28 - Film Confession - Jason Tucker
  • 1:02:56  - Film Calendar
  • 1:05:12  - Next Week/Close

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Music Credits:

  • “Such Great Heights,” by The Postal Service
  • “A Real Hero,” by College feat. Electric Youth
  • “Roar!” from the Cloverfield Soundtrack by Michael Giacchino
  • “Clouds” from the Tree of Life Soundtrack by Alexandre Desplat


  • Viola Davis was nominated for an Oscar in Doubt, not Proof.
  • Meryl Streep did not win an Oscar for The French Lieutenant’s Woman, though she was nominated. She won Best Supporting Actress for Kramer versus Kramer.
  • While Snopes doesn’t have an article on Cannibal Holocaust, Wikipedia does address allegations that the movie was in fact a snuff film, in addition to its depiction of the animals killed onscreen.
  • The “In Defense of Speed Racer” defense article that Joe Agee mentioned

Next Week:

Jason Tucker, Angela Fabbrini and Joe Agee review John Carter, and take some time to discuss other “pulp” works that have made it to the big screen.

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  1. Joe Agee says:

    Somehow we neglected to mention the recently released Project X as another non-horror example of found footage film. Of course, reviews suggest that it exhibits its own brand of horror…

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